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The Denver Fringe Festival

The Denver Fringe Festival is an open-application festival designed to support all genres of performance arts and to attract bold, progressive artistry that is on the fringes of the mainstream theatre tradition. We support independent and emerging artists by encouraging new work, providing a variety of performance venues, promoting the festival and selling advance tickets online. We also support open access to the arts by making sure people can enjoy edgy, eclectic performance – original theatre, comedy, improv, cabaret, dance, immersive theatre – at an affordable price.

The Fringe format started 70 years ago in Edinburgh, Scotland, when groups of artists gathered to perform on the outskirts of the city. That tradition continued, and now Fringe is a national and international phenomenon with festivals in major cities all over the world.


Mission Statement

The Denver Fringe Festival brings fringe performance – original, innovative and experimental – to creative venues at an affordable price.  We believe live performance entertains, enlightens, and empowers, and that bringing artists and audiences together cultivates community.

Our goals are to:

  • Support emerging and established artists in a variety of performance arts
  • Make performance arts more accessible and inclusive
  • Build community around inspiring live performance


Statement of Commitment

As an open-application performing arts festival, we are committed to promoting the arts, cultivating dialog around thought-provoking performance, and building community. In addition, we are committed to:

  • Supporting both emerging and established artists
  • Providing a platform for new works to be developed
  • Encouraging creativity and pushing the boundaries of performance art
  • Creating performance opportunities for as many artists as possible
  • Keeping participation costs low for artists to achieve an inclusive festival
  • Ensuring accessibility to all by keeping ticket prices low and providing accessible venues
  • Maintaining proactive outreach efforts to all communities so that our festival represents – both in the performers and the audiences – the full diversity of humanity

Founding Producers

Ann Carey Sabbah is an artist, project manager, arts supporter and third-generation Denver native. After experiencing the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 she was determined to start a Denver Fringe Festival to add to the expanding arts scene in Denver.

Nancy Larned has over 25 years of event and project management experience, incorporating her degrees in marketing, small business management and law. She is a proud third-generation Denver native who strives to provide opportunities to artists while promoting diversity and inclusion.

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