Cirque du Cinéma

Forgo the oohs and aahs of traditional circus and immerse yourself in a light-hearted romp through childhood movie memories and larger-than-life characters. This circus cabaret spectacle will put a new spin on Hollywood classics. Whether it’s high-flying acrobatic stunts or carefully timed burlesque reveals, you can expect laughter and delight from start to finish. Will your favorite movie make the cut? Ages 18+ due to adult themes and burlesque numbers.

Adults Only
60 minutes
Circus, Cabaret, Burlesque, Dance, Comedy, World Premiere
Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater
119 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205

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Adrienne Pickerill

Adrienne is thrilled to be part of the Denver Fringe Cirque du Cinema ensemble, showcasing her specialty on aerial silks. She brings a blend of athleticism and artistry to the stage, drawing from her background in gymnastics. Her daring drops will leave you on the edge of your seat!

AL Firstenberg (dance captain)

Al Firstenberg is a collegiate-trained dancer with a BA in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College. They have been coaching Flying Trapeze since 2015. They have worked at 8 different locations across the country. Al was the manager of the flagship location of Trapeze School New York during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic and directed the flying trapeze program at Philadelphia School of Circus Arts in 2022. Al is currently coaching flying trapeze at Fly Mile High and dance classes at Denver Circus Collective. They are also a stage performer at Casa Bonita as the Mysterious Sorsoro.


Alyssia started performing through musical theater. Eventually, her love of dance and theatrics led her to aerial arts. She first started her aerial journey in 2021 at the Dallas Circus Center in Texas where she found her love for Lyra, which has remained her main apparatus since. After moving back to Colorado she continued to focus on her aerial training, splitting her time between Gravity Aerial Arts and Denver Circus Collective. Recently she has been focusing on training Duo Trapeze as well as Contemporary dance. When not up in the air Alyssia spends her time coaching women's gymnastics and polishing her singing skills. Alyssia is incredibly excited for the opportunity to perform alongside and learn from so many incredible aerialists.

Amanda Mace

Amanda started her aerial journey in April of 2022, her preferred aerial apparatus is sling, but she also dabbles in silks and Lyra! When she’s not practicing aerial, she spends her time working as an esthetician, specializing in custom facials and waxing! Denver Fringe Festival will be her debut circus performance!


Introducing Meg, better known as Butterflow, a multifaceted performer who has been soaring through the aerial arts for 2 1/2 years. With a focus on silks, sling, and lyra, Meg effortlessly blends strength & elegance. Also a fire dancer for 4 years, she has illuminated countless festivals, parties, and events with her mesmerizing performances. Offstage, Meg's caring nature extends to her career as a dental hygienist, where she ensures smiles both on and off the stage. With a unique blend of artistry and compassion, Meg continues to inspire and uplift wherever she goes.

Char Grey

Char, a seasoned aerialist specializing in loops and sling performances, has captivated audiences in Denver for the past eight years with her charming acts. For this performance, Char will once again embody the iconic Marilyn Monroe, enchanting spectators with a loops piece inspired by the legendary star. Having previously portrayed Marilyn, she eagerly anticipates reprising the role, promising a performance that seamlessly intertwines nostalgia with breathtaking aerial artistry.


Corinne began her journey with aerial arts in 2019. As a lover and seeker of physical challenge, aerial felt like a homecoming. Corinne has been a student of yoga and movement practice since 2011, and a teacher since 2014. She loves the fusion of strength, grace, and artistry that is expressed through aerial. As a performer, she enjoys playing with the healing power of storytelling and archetypal embodiment.


Emily has been training in aerial since the spring of 2021 with a focus on silks, sling, lyra, and a little bit of pole. She started in competitive gymnastics as a child. Emily was first exposed to the performing world while in competitive cheerleading in both high school and the first year of college. After her first year of college, performing took a back seat to focus on her medical career. Over a decade later, she found out about aerial while frequenting the Denver music scene and was in awe of the beauty of aerial dance. Emily loves aerial both for the joy it brings into her life as well as the beautiful connections and friendships she's made during her journey. There is always a surprise around the corner. Emily hopes to one day teach and perform aerial!


Emma is proud to be working with Highly Classified for the second time after last year's production of Emo Night. She recently discovered circus arts 2 years ago and has been training and performing ever since. She grew up dancing and started her professional career at age 17, where she joined the Colorado Ballet and performed works such as Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker. Emma enjoys combining her passion for dance and aerial arts in her choreography and is excited to have found the stage again after taking a 9-year break from performance.

Haywire - The man you meet at rock bottom (dance captain)

Haywire is a dancer, flow artist, Emcee, and circus performer originally from Minneapolis, MN. He is one half of Gemini Productions and an absolute gem of a human. An all-around talent, Haywire loves to tell stories, make audiences laugh, and create magic on stage to delight audiences across the country. This is his first experience in Denver Fringe Festival and excited to bring magic to this
incredible event!

Isis Stevens

Isis Stevens has been practicing and performing aerial dance in Denver since she was 8 years old through showcases and productions with Aerial Cirque Over Denver and Gravity Aerial Arts. Alongside visual art and painting, she loves performing on dance trapeze, loops, and sling, as a form of creative expression. Last year she worked alongside Megan McMaster and Alannah Petitt to write and produce an original production called ¨Cirque Floresta ̈ that told a magical story of environmental hope through aerial dance that was performed by Gravity Aerial Arts in March 2023 and May 2024. This year she was sponsored by Vvolfy Metal Works to compete at a world circus competition, Viva Fest, as a solo and duo competitor in the emerging pro division. She is so grateful to have been a part of the amazing Denver circus community for the last 10 years and is excited to start training and performing on the East Coast next year when she begins her first year of college at Brown University studying environmental science and visual art. 


KJX has mesmerized audiences across Michigan, Florida, and Colorado with fabulous performances that transport spectators to realms of wonder and delight. Finding great joy in creating unique characters, KJX infuses each aerial act with a distinctive flair, captivating hearts and minds alike with every graceful movement doing what she loves most.

Robbie Rouge

Robbie Rouge has over two years of experience on aerial silks, and one year on rope! While she loves all things vertical, she is also starting to dabble in sling, lyra, loops, and straps. As a child, she did not believe in gravity and broke both arms simultaneously after jumping off a wooden fence. She has since learned to respect the laws of physics, but still tries to defy them in any way she can. When she’s not in the studio, she’s up getting air by climbing, skiing, hiking, or mountain biking. She has grown to love aerial for its harmonious blend of strength, stamina, beauty, and music.

Tiana Hernandez

Tiana has been training in aerial and contortion for 5 years. Her circus career began in Hawaii and has led her all over the nation, ultimately finding her way here to Colorado last year.  In addition to performing, she currently teaches at studios in Denver and in Colorado Springs. 

Coco Day (aerial choreographer, producer)

Coco is a full-time circus person, instructing all levels of students at Circus Collective, Gravity Aerial Arts, and Fly Mile High. In addition to performing, she is the proud producer, creative director, chief marketing officer, and founder of Highly Classified. Highly Classified was created to allow new faces into the Denver performing scene. Highly Classified productions often focus on nostalgia, comedy, burlesque, and glam. Coco is excited to reach new audiences and grow the High/Class crew and fanbase. Looking for high-class entertainment at your next event? Reach out to High/Class and Coco to find out about our offerings!

Rigging and Support:

Katie Stewart - Rigging Lead and Stage Manager

Katie Stewart has spent more than half of her life training in the aerial arts. She has been a professional instructor and performer for the past seven years. With a mission to enrich the vibrant aerial community, she aims to introduce fresh opportunities to both aspiring students and seasoned professionals. Leveraging her background in engineering, project management, and rigging, Katie is dedicated to elevating the community she deeply cherishes. She is thrilled to be a part of Fringe and is excited to contribute to bringing this extraordinary show to life.

Tiffany DeBry - Photographer

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Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater

119 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205

Entrance: The main doors are on the southeast side of the building

Parking: Parking is allowed in the Safeway parking lot across the street

Accessibility: ADA access at the west doors of the building, elevator to the theater level, six (6) ground level seats with access to bathrooms.

Admission: You must show your ticket confirmation or purchase a ticket at the venue; all seating is general admission, audiences will wait in a queue before entry to the show