Disko Boy

Disko Boy features Denver’s own queer and disabled drag artist Hans L’Adida, whose signature moves have been said to “put the ‘daddy’ in granddaddy.” Disko Boy is part experimental theater, part drag show, and part musical. If cults weren’t weird, Disko Boy would be your new favorite cult classic. Disko Boy is performed and choreographed by Sheila Klein with design and direction by Masha Mikulinsky.

What happens when you sit down on a bench next to an unusually fit old man with a German accent and curtail the impulse to leave when he starts telling you his life story? What happened to the almost Olympic sport of skil ballet? What does a broken heart and kefir have to do with keeping your spirit alive? What do social movements of the past tell us about how to rage against the machine of the present? What would happen if you got adopted by an elder for an afternoon at the park? Is it loneliness if everyone else is feeling it too?

Disko Boy tells the story of a former professional athlete disillusioned with authority who emerges from life’s betrayals with his politics intact to hype up the next generation of anti-war activists. Meet Hans L’Adida, a man who has lived through the collapse of communism, had been betrayed by the Olympic Committee, and chased women only to find out that the love of his life may not have been a woman after all. Hans has figured out how to get back on his feet just to feed you some kefir in a park.

Note: The Thursday, 6/6 performance of Disko Boy will be a Covid safe event, requiring masks for audience members to make this event accessible for disabled, immunocompromised, and covid-cautious folks.

General/All Ages
60 minutes
Physical Theatre, LGBTQ+, Comedy, Dance, Immersive, World Premiere , Theatre
The People's Building
9995 E. Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010

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Sheila Klein (they/them): Performance, Choreography

Sheila is a queer and disabled multidisciplinary creator and performer. Their work follows a trajectory in which the collision of tenderness, humor, and grief is both constant and unexpected. Sheila’s work is notorious for eliciting delight, discomfort, and disillusionment; for being too much and not enough all at once.

Sheila’s movement-based work is heavily informed by professional training in postmodern dance, physical theater, and by disability justice. Sheila trained and performed in New York City, Ann Arbor, and Detroit; their work has been presented by Triskelion Arts, Greenspace Project, Movement Research, Ann Arbor Dance Works, and The University of Michigan.

Masha Mikulinsky (they/them): Direction, Design

Masha is a queer, disabled, Eastern European interdisciplinary artist and writer with alleged family ties to Leon Trotsky and close proximity to multiple aging Soviet-era Masters of Sport. Masha's work engages with cultural somatics, awkwardness, anti-oppressive methodologies, multi-modal translation, and play.

I've seen a lot of drag, but never something like this show. Hans is a charismatic, compelling storyteller (and amazing dancer). I laughed until I cried, felt respect and appreciation for folks who are wiser than I am, laughed again, and continually was surprised. The film work was beautiful, and the piece felt timely and important. A show made deliberately for this moment. I just followed both Hans L'Adida and Amuse Bouche Company on Instagram, and I won't miss their next show! Don't miss this one!
Great show- what a ride. I had all the feelings.
Definitely recommend, it's funny, tender, and sexy!
Entertaining, impressive, vulnerable and fearless!
Wow, what a fun show!
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The People’s Building

9995 E. Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010

Entrance: The main entrance is on the north side of the building at E. Colfax and Florence St in Aurora

Parking: There is a parking lot behind the building on the north side

Accessibility: ADA access at the west doors of the building, elevator to the theater level

Admission: You must show your ticket confirmation or purchase a ticket at the venue; all seating is general admission, audiences will wait in a queue before entry to the show