Growth Spell

Plants know what to do when faced with an obstacle - grow around it. We learn about thriving in harsh conditions from our leafy green teachers. When we have solid roots, we grow towards the sky. Featuring Colorado artists, this interactive variety show explores growing pains through dance, burlesque, performance art, music and theater. Choose to participate in the magic or sit back and watch the stories unfold. Growth Spell puts marginalized voices up front, supporting the queer and trans community, Black, Brown and Indigenous performers, sex workers, immigrants, survivors, and performers with disabilities.

Adults Only
60 minutes
Cabaret, Burlesque, Theatre, Storytelling, Devised, BIPOC , Dance
Mercury Cafe Ballroom
2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205

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Paloma Nectar – Narrator 

Paloma brings gooey sensual energy with a spirit of rebellion to everything she dreams up. She’s your MC with the green thumb and mother of Growth Spell. From her debut samba performance at The Clocktower Cabaret in 2012 to her appearances in DIY punk shows like Good Slut Medicine, Garden Heaux, Blassphemy, Consensual Circus, Fowl Play, The Variety Pack and more, Paloma is a seasoned burlesque performer of over 8 years who has sluttily traipsed across many a Colorado stage. Not only is Paloma a performer, she's a writer, costume designer and director too. When it comes to leading the charge, this ain't Paloma’s first rodeo. Fans fondly remember Radicle Space, the first collection of short plays she produced in 2016. Now, she's ready to cultivate a fresh luscious garden of stories for you to wander through.
Her journey as an artist is deeply intertwined with activism. As an organizer with SlutWalk Denver, she is driven to create spaces for healing and empowerment and is committed to prioritizing the voices of those who've survived sexual violence. Paloma believes theatre isn't just for entertainment, but rather it's a radical act of self-expression. FREE PALESTINE! LAND BACK!

Cheburashka - Performer 

Cheburashka is a non-binary Queer performer who made their way to Denver in 2015 and hails from the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. 

Becky Taha’Blu aka MisTrystBlu – Performer 

The Mistress of Ceremony and The Big Mouth from the South... 

Becky Taha'Blu also known as MisTrystBlu to some that are taboo is a co-organizer and activist for survivors lasciviously undermining tyranny SLUTWALK(an acronym), Co-Founder & Holistic Transformative Justice Facilitator at RSN (Rouge Support Network), and Co-founder of RMSWC (another acronym). Becky Taha'blu is a Afrocentric dominatrix tantric practitioner concentrating on Adult sexual education, and currently a Vaudeville performer, producer, activist. She is not above dropping ancient and current culture knowledge on anyone's head. Known as the Gothic Glamorous Gangster, if you are in her presence you will shortly hear her catchphrase.

"Google Me, it's Becky Ta-ha'Blu!" 

Tripl3Thr33 – Performer 

Jahmila AaronAli also known as Tripl3Thr33 is a Choctaw Cherokee Non-binary Aboriginal Multidimensional Creator who is a based out in Denver CO. Tripl3Thr33 originates sacred ceremonies through poetry in motion, holistic cuisines, and spiritual artistic expression.  

Tripl3Thr33 is well-versed within these skills because she loves tapping into the power of creative imagination. They believe that vibrating in this frequency of creative imagination keeps them unbound to follow what we’ve been conditioned to think is right. 

They’re an unorthodox free thinker who is starting a business called U.N.I.verse Café. 

The first Earthship Café business in Denver, Colorado that welcomes in the human diaspora communities. Such as Niiji, Indigenous, Latinx, African, Asian, Caucasian, Queer, Black, LGBTQIA2S+, Humans w/Disabilities, and anyone with a genuine heart, mind, and spirit. 

Siren Sixxkiller – Performer 

Siren Sixxkiller has been an absolute menace on stages in so-called Denver for going on 9 years now. Siren’s pronouns are “Land Back” and they identify as a bisexual nightmare. Sixxkiller uses burlesque as a tool for body liberation and energetic empowerment. Siren Sixxkiller produces their own local slutty variety show that focuses on decolonizing and creating nourishing spaces for sluts. She also organizes with grassroots intersectional pleasure activist collective SlutWalk Denver, a movement that has been organizing for consent-culture and body autonomy for all for over 10 years. Follow @goodslutmedicine and @denverslutwalk to support and celebrate your local sluts! 

Skylamoré aka Sorceress Kaiya of Lamoré– Performer 

Sorceress Kaiya of Lamoré is a ritual performance artist with a background in dance, vocal chant singing, music production and acting. They have performed extensively in Colorado and nationally, and receiving international artist residencies for their work. Their performances blend sensuality with storytelling, creating magical experiences for audiences. Skylamoré holds a degree from CU Boulder in Multicultural Diversity and Performing Arts and has participated in events like past Colorado Fringe Festivals, and more. 

Zara G – Musician  

Zara G is a Guitarodess that fuses flamenco style with trans experience and very few fucks. 

Mak Dooley - Musician 

Mak Dooley grew up the daughter of a music teacher, beginning their piano instruction at 5 years old. At age 9, they learned flute & at 12 they picked up trombone. They have always sung in choirs at church and school. At 15, they started studying jazz piano with Terry Brooks & later attended University of Northern Colorado to obtain their bachelor’s degree in jazz piano performance.  

Immediately after graduating they took a month long hiatus from playing piano & decided they wanted to explore more singer-songwriter genres of music. While traveling the world & working on cruise ships they began to write. Since returning to Colorado in 2017 they have been performing, teaching and hosting live karaoke for their LGBTQIA+ community. You can find them at XBAR on the first Monday of every month from 8-11pm or performing around town with Moonglade (hear their album Lunar Mansions on all streaming platforms!) This summer they hope to focus on their solo project and embrace the variation from the patterns we can find ourselves in. They are passionate about encouraging authentic expression & accepting humans in all our messiness. Since going alcohol free in July of 2023 they have been able to face the religious trauma, performance anxiety & perfectionism that held them back for so long. You are witnessing a flower as the bud, nearly blooming.

Lux – Stage Kitten 

Lux aka Kozy is a multi-dimensional, inspirational Denver-based artist whose pole-dancing and burlesque performances embody the power of sensual storytelling. She believes in the power of embracing her sexuality and connecting it to a higher purpose. 

Mimi – Stage Kitten  

Mimi has been described as sensuality incarnate and an exceptional entertainer. they enjoy demanding money from men, sleeping in, and creating new worlds with community. tip the performers and free Palestine!!! 

Fabian Vazquez – Stage Hand 

Fabian Vazquez is a local Denver based actor that has worked at several theatres in the Denver metro area including Su Teatro, Wheat Ridge Theatre Company, and Firehouse Theatre. 

Eva Newsome – Stage Hand 

The incomparable prince of the Kiki house of Newsome here in Denver co whether they're pumping the runway, tending the gardens or just helping set up for growth spell Eva's sex appeal is sure to take your breath away.

One of the best shows I ever performed in !!
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Mercury Cafe 2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205

Entrance: The main entrance for both the Ballroom and the Jungle Room venues is on the southeast side of the building off of California St. 

Parking: There is a large paid parking lot just across California St. and street parking

Accessibility: If you have any accessibility needs or concerns, please reach out to us at

Admission: You must show your ticket confirmation or purchase a ticket at the venue; all seating is general admission, audiences will wait in a queue before entry to the show