Safety First!

SAFETY FIRST!: A TRUE treasure-seeking story of LIFE and DEATH as told with MAGIC and PUPPETS by Cyndi Parr

In 2010, Forrest Fenn hid $2 million worth of treasure in the Rocky Mountains. Five people died looking for it. In 2018, puppeteer Cyndi Parr was convinced she knew where it was, and went on a solo hike to find it in New Mexico. This is a story about safety and how the right combo of optimism and tenacity can make us take risks we wouldn't otherwise take when we become convinced we know the right answer.

This is the first time this story has ever been told in full. And it will be told with magic and puppets! 

Adults Only
60 minutes
Storytelling, Puppetry, Magic, Solo Performance, Theatre, World Premiere
Savoy Denver
2700 Arapahoe St, Denver, CO 80205

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Cyndi Parr - Performer
Abby Schmitz - Shadow Puppeteer


Cyndi Parr has been an actor, puppeteer, magician, and writer for over 20 years and in over 200 productions. She is the program director and co-founder for Dragon Theatre Productions, where everyone who auditions gets a role, and has helped create over 500 roles in 15 years for actors of all ages and abilities. She recently performed puppetry in Bogotá, Colombia, The Persians for Bread and Puppet Theatre (Chicago), Nasty, Brutish and Short (Chicago), Cooking in Space for Puppetzilla (Los Angeles) and the Winnipeg Puppet Slam (Canada), emcee for Felt Up! (DPAC) and emcee for eight Rocky Mountain Puppet Slams (Statewide). Her biggest achievement was performing puppetry next to a real snake and a real bear who interrupted her scene during an outdoor trail play performed during the pandemic.

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Savoy Denver

2700 Arapahoe St, Denver, CO 80205

Entrance: The main entrance is on 27th Ave. 

Parking: Street parking is available on neighboring streets

Accessibility: Ramps, elevator and ADA bathrooms  

Admission: You must show your ticket confirmation or purchase a ticket at the venue; all seating is general admission, audiences will wait in a queue before entry to the show