She Was A Conquistawhore

Legend has it The Conquistawhore drinks her weight in whiskey, brawls her own vagina because her vagina...well, he makes terrible decisions. Together, they roam the Wild West looking for a quick hookup and some transformational healing from internalized white male toxicity. Their trials and tribulations weave together a legend. A story of manifest destiny. A divine calling to take the land back, one cis-white man at a time. But they discover it’s hard to move forward when you’re stuck in the past.

An absurd, radical, and deeply personal exploration of gender identity, intergenerational trauma, and healing. She Was A Conquistawhore takes audiences into a world where the Wild West is a wild night out,  where humor is the best tool to examine wounds, and where sometimes vaginas grow up to be cowboys.

Adults Only
50 minutes
BIPOC, Solo Performance, Comedy, Storytelling, Theatre
Mercury Cafe Jungle Room
2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205

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Created and Performed by Rachel O'Hanlon Rodriguez 

With the Die-Cast collective. 

Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez (she/they) is a Philly-based actor, poet, organizer, trauma-informed teaching artist and facilitator. They are the Operations Associate of Spiral Q and is a member of the Artistic Squad of Delaware Shakespeare Theater. Rachel has spent the last decade working with theater companies throughout the region such as Power Street Theatre, Die-Cast, Theatre Exile, Simpatico Theatre, The Wilma Theater, the Arden Theatre, and EgoPo Classic Theater. Rachel received her Master’s in Theater in 2017 from Villanova University.

As a poet and playwright, Rachel’s work is rooted in their experience living with PTSD. They explore generational cycles, boundaries, borders, and liberation through poetry and performance. Rachel’s first play, Bluebeard, was produced with Manayunk Theater Company in 2020, and their first poem was published in the recently closed Toho Journal (Vol. 2 Issue 2, 2020). Rachel’s adaptations of Sonnets were featured in Rev Shakespeare’s 154 REVISTED. 

Die-Cast is an artist collective that believes in radical collaboration. We create mixed-media installations and immersive performance art. Our work is site-responsive, be it in a physical, digital, or natural environment.  

We have created more than two dozen pieces since our founding in 2017. We have taken over historical mansions to allow audiences to wander from room to room, catching illicit love affairs and challenging the hetero-normative gaze in our adaption of La Ronde. 

We have created work on Virtual Reality platforms to allow visitors to explore our worlds, like in our Inter Terrestrial commissioned by the I-Park Open Air Gallery. 

We have been nominated for the prestigious Harvey Award for Best Adaptation of a Comic Book, alongside Hollywood Blockbusters like Marvel Studio’s Avengers: Endgame. 

We have created online narratives that use chatbots to create an interactive experience for visitors with the ArtsWest Gallery in Seattle.  

Die-Cast was commissioned to create a public installation for the No Vacancy Festival in 2020. Our piece, Temporary Occupancy, combined pre-recorded and live-streaming video projected two stories high on an exterior wall on Ocean Avenue, the busy downtown strip. The piece won the Juried Prize of $20,000 for the No Vacancy Festival, with Maria Elena Ortiz, Associate Curator at the Perez Art Museum Miami, noting that. "With impressive technological qualities, Temporary Occupancy is an ambitious and poignant project, embodying the artistic spirit of Miami Beach.” 

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Mercury Cafe 2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205

Entrance: The main entrance for both the Ballroom and the Jungle Room venues is on the southeast side of the building off of California St. 

Parking: There is a large paid parking lot just across California St. and street parking

Accessibility: If you have any accessibility needs or concerns, please reach out to us at

Admission: You must show your ticket confirmation or purchase a ticket at the venue; all seating is general admission, audiences will wait in a queue before entry to the show